The First National Park I Visit and There is a Big Hole….Figures

9 Jul

“God bless America, lets save some of it.”- Edward Abbey

I am somewhere in the middle of Texas. Actually, I know exactly where I am its Amarillo, Texas. It’s a Luxury Inn and its…nice. There is free internet, a fridge for my Happy Camper IPA (which is dinner tonight) and a TV with HBO-so I get to watch Bill Maher. I can’t complain.

The last three days consisted of 850 miles, 1 national park, 3 states, 2 hotels, 2 breweries, 1 major highway, mixed feelings and endless excitement about seeing the people I miss and love- most likely this means you.

We have departed the cozy confines of Lake Havasu, AZ and have started our easterly drive towards home. Next stop Arkansas, then stop Marietta GA, last stop New Jersey.

So enjoy the pictures…


The Grand Cayman?


Did I jump? Find out next blog.


Double the Fun











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