Happy Belated Blog

16 Jun

“A day unemployed is like a bagel- even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good…” – A ridiculous quote from the book Evasion

This blog was supposed to be written about two days ago. I had a new title, new quotes in mind, and all the inspiration and motivation I would need. Then my car started making a funny noise and the rest is expensive history. On the way to the internet cafe we stopped by an auto shop to get the noise checked out and it turned out that my car needed a new air compressor blah blah blah blah blah. So here I am x amount of dollars poorer and not in the mood to blog at all. I feel like all my blogs start out this way nowadays.

Anyway, since we last talked a lot has happened. We left Weed and we are officially at our last new farm of the journey. It is a scary thought- I am ready to get back to all my friends and family but I am not ready for the trip to be over and the money to run out and the real world slap me in the face. Enough about that.

We have arrived in Upper Lake, California and more specifically Clover Creek Family  Farm. There is Thurston and Annelle who own the farm/vineyard, their family friend Rachel, Garlic the dog (I call him Garlique), Carbone the cat ( I call him carbomb), and 5 chickens. Everyone here seems really knowledgeable and more often then not I feel like I lack a lot of knowledge about a lot of subjects i.e. politics, food systems, car mechanics, medicine and health, kickball, current events, etc.

Hmm, what else….since being here we have done a lot……we have worked in our first vineyard of the trip. Vineyards take a lot of work. We spend the first part of the morning, trimming stray shoots, shoot thinning (well Thurston does this), and dodging thistle and weeds. We have worked with bovine blood as a deer deterrent, put up an electric chicken fence, and other miscellaneous tasks around the farm. Its nice to be working hard again- even though its hot as hell.

I have pictures to show you but Grace is done blogging and we need to get back to the farm for afternoon work. Here is one picture I will leave you with…for The Daily Show fans consider it a moment of Zen.

Drinking and Driving......Kombucha that is

Ok bye.


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